Refund Policy

Last Modified: 07-12-2023

Refund Policy

At AI SaaS, we understand that circumstances may arise where you need to seek a refund for your purchase.
We strive to make our refund process as transparent and straightforward as possible to ensure a positive experience for our users.
Please take a moment to review our refund policy outlined below:

1. Eligibility for Refund:

Refunds may be requested within 7 days from the date of purchase, depending on the type of product or service.

2. Valid Reasons for Refund:

Refunds are typically processed for the following reasons:
- Technical issues or defects that cannot be resolved by our support team.
- Unintended or unauthorized purchase.
- Dissatisfaction with the product or service, subject to our satisfaction guarantee.

3. How to Request a Refund:

To initiate a refund request, please contact our customer support team at
Include your order number, a detailed explanation of the reason for the refund, and any supporting documentation if applicable.




4. Refund Processing Time:

Refunds will be processed within 30 business days of approval.
Please note that the time it takes for the refund to reflect in your account may vary depending on your payment method.


5. Exclusions:

Refunds may not be applicable in the following cases:
- The refund request is made after the specified eligibility period.
- The product or service has been substantially utilized or consumed.
- Violation of our terms of service or usage policies.


6. Partial Refunds:

In some cases, we may offer partial refunds based on the nature of the request and the extent of product or service usage.


7. Contact Information:

For any questions or concerns regarding our refund policy, please contact our customer support team at

8. Policy Updates:

AI SaaS reserves the right to update or modify the refund policy at any time.
Users will be notified of any changes via email or through the AI SaaS website.

By engaging with AI SaaS, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms outlined in this refund policy.
We appreciate your trust in our products and services and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction.
If you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.